Weather 34

warm-0 rubberbands, weedpickers, and Frankenstein across 3rd ave.

10 Pax headed north on the monon after a 7 minute warm up and a little recovery we did loops in the residential area just north of main st. between the monon and the highschool. 4 min running, 2 min recovery, repeat x 4. then back to the flags with a longer run. (when YHC writes run, he really means more of a Mosey)… nothing too heavy today.

Special thanks to Logger and Capt D out of F3 sandhills. I had vented to Logger a few months ago that i’d love to run with them sometime, but didn’t feel I could keep up. In his wise way he said “so start your own”. He could of said, “you’re freed to lead dummy!”, but He’s a HIM so he didn’t. Then I traveled to NC in November and did something somewhat similar to what we did today. Captain D gave me some encouragement afterwards, and now we have an interval run day. Appreciate all the support today, we had a great turnout and the Fellowship along the route was awesome. A few Pax pointed out that the Q was leading in a rebellious way as he led them onto the biking area of the Monon vs the walk/run area.. One of the mumble chatter highlights was passing a gym and hearing Khaki and others yell at the windows- “come join us”. We knocked out 3.6 miles and had a brief discussion after about any recommendations/changes.. endless possibilities w these, I think the key is just keep it simple for now. maybe amp it up at the final stretch.

Great COT was had, and we prayed it out.

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