Weather: cool and clear 33

Pax: Zoolander (Q), and Bearcat

Warm-up: Arm circles F & B 20 IC, Weed Pickers 15 IC, Imperial Walkers 15 IC

Beatdown: 5 point star with Coupon: Zamp carry to point and do 20 curls, Zamp carry back to middle and do 20 squats

4 point star: Farmer carry coupon to the corner and do 25 dips, farmer carry to the center and complete 30 calf raises.

Stripes (running the short side on the BBall Court): Run/jog to one end and do 30 overhead claps, run/jog back and complete 15 single leg dips (each leg)

Finish with 2 sets of 25 incline Merkins

Mary: Dead bugs 15(IC), Freddie Mercurys 15(IC), High Dollys 15(IC)


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