1.4.2021 – What do Ring of Fire, Rocky, and Paula Abdul have in Common? Answer: F3!

Big EZ – 30 degrees cloudy skies 

9 PAX – Sarge, Pickles, Eno, Springbok, Beefsteak, McStuffins, Mullet, Butterfly, Ace (Q)

5 core principles: Always Free, Open to All Men, Held Outdoors, Peer-Led, End in a Circle of Trust

Disclaimer:  Not an expert, modify as needed.  F3, Zionsville Presbyterian, and I are not responsible. Maintain social distance

Warm up:

– SSH x 20 IC

– Weed Pickers x 15 IC

– Abe Vigodas x 10 IC

– Al Gore hold 15 seconds, circle left, circle right, hold with overhead claps

Long Mosey to other side of upper lot

The Thang

Set 1: Ring of Fire

All PAX hold Plank while Q starts the exercise for round 1, each PAX individually completes the exercise counting his reps out loud, when he finishes the PAX to the left takes a turn, until all PAX complete the exercise.  10 count rest, then move to round 2,3,4. 

Round 1 – Plank Jacks x 20

Round 2 – Squats x 15

Round 3 – Merkins x 10

Round 4 – Burpees x 5

Mosey to the circle drive 

Set 2: Rocky

Line up along the curb

21 OYO – Curb jumps forward

21 OYO – Curb jumps right side

21 OYO – Curb jumps left side

21 OYO – Dips off curb

Rocky Balboa Curb Crawlers – 20 count (1 is 1) toe touches on the curb, then bear crawl back and forth from circle island, repeat for 5 rounds. Mosey to lower lot

Set 3: Paula Abdul

Line up 3 PAX per section of parking spaces facing perpendicular to the lines. Run forward crossing two lines, stop for 1 merkin, back pedal 1 line, stop for 1 merkin, repeat forward 2 and back 1 until you reach the middle drive. Al Gore for the six. Turn around and go back with frog jumping 2 lines, back pedal 1 line. Al Gore for the six. Mosey back for Mary


– LBCs x 20 IC

– Pretzel crunch x10, then switch legs  IC

– Freddie Mercury x10 IC

– Flutter Kicks x 10 IC

– Low Dolly x 10 IC

Recover, Recover!

Circle of Trust:

Name-A-Rama, Announcements: 3rd F events set for January and February let Sarge know if you are interested.  Freed To Lead discussion group planned for Wednesday nights at 8:30pm. Let Beefsteak know if you want to participate. Chapter 1 Discussion on 1/13 via zoom. Prayer Requests: For Sarge’s family member battling COVID-19, For Ace’s brother-in-law whose mom passed away and their entire family. 

Moleskin: the mumblechatter was low today, with the PAX focused on the long plank holds and counting parking space lines. We managed to chat about how warm it felt outside, a good convergence had on 1/1, and the New Years festivities at home where many PAX reported they were asleep and warm in the fart sack by 10:30pm!  Great to enjoy the beatdown with these men. 

– Ace

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