• Tuesday January 5, 2021
  • Big EZ (Lion’s Park for Tuesday’s Run Heavy workout)
  • 5 PAX: Beefsteak, Springbok, Mullet, Eno, Butterfly(Q)
  • Weather: 30degF with a cold breeze

Admin: Always free, open to all men, always outdoors, peer led, ends in COT; Nobody is responsible for you except you so modify as needed

Warmup: 20x side straddle hop, 10x imperial walkers, 15x butt kickers all in cadence. Mosey around park to drop glow sticks at NE and NW corner of park. Mosey to stairs; bear crawl up stairs and lunge back down zigzag ramp. Mosey back to flag.

Thang: Red zone run (you can call it a sprint if you want) on path OYO from flag to first glow stick. Recovery walk to second glow stick. Red zone run continuing loop back to flag. Active recovery while waiting for six. Slow recovery mosey around parking lot together. REPEAT.

Mary: After the red zone running, PAX needed to stretch hamstrings first, then 10x LBC in cadence, 30s high plank, X’s and O’s.

Recover, Recover

Spreadsheet from the Gloom: Mumblechatter before workout about the cold wind making us feel more alive….. During warmup, site lead decided Big EZ PAX were getting too fit and we’re making him work too hard to stay out in front of us. After first sprint, PAX arrived at location Q had dropped glow stick not five minutes before to find it missing. Recovering PAX found first glow stick turned off and laying next to second glow stick still blinking. We placed responsibility on lone dog walker in park, relieved that it wasn’t consumed by his K9 friend. Prayed for Sarge’s father-in-law, Brickyard’s uncle, Pickles’ uncle, Butterfly’s mother, all police/first responders/docs/pharmacists keeping us safe. Prayed for those feeling isolated and down during the lull in holidays and shorter daylight, but looking forward to warmer weather and getting out more this spring.

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