Weather – A breezy 28 degrees, but we found a bigger breeze at the top of the tower.

SSH X 20
Weedpickers X 20
Arm circles X 10 X 2

6 Pax (Snaphook, Nomad, Maize, Sea Bass, Bubble Bath, and Clancy (Q)had a very short, but exhausting mosey simply to leave the warmup area so YHC didn’t get in Maize trouble. We began with a Motivator from 8.

The Thang:
Mosey to lunge walk a roundabout
Used the small curb for incline merkins X20
Dips X20
Merkins X20
Bear Crawl Tunnel
Dips X20
Exploration Mosey to the Tower of Babel
Stair Climb to the top
Logger special Partner race X6 down the ramps
Mosey back through Bear Crawl Tunnel
Explorer Choice of Bear Crawl up the stairs, or Lunge Walk the tunnel – All chose lunge walks
Calf Raises X20
Toes Out Calf Raises X20
Toes In Calf Raises X20

Flutter Kicks X24, American Hammers X12

YHC had every intention of a Detective Style Beatdown. Unfortunately, the Intelligence Division gave bad intel and the crime that was expected to happen did not. Or, YHC tried his best to stay awake long enough to prepare the crime scene, but couldn’t keep his eyes open. So, the crime will have to be investigated during a future Q. Good news, the Explorers were in town, so we found some new land. We made ourselves known to the passersby when we lunged walk around a busy roundabout with cars flashing by wondering why these men were conducting strange business in the middle of a roundabout. You should have seen the glow on the faces of the Pax when we found the Tower of Babel. Snaphook provided some insider knowledge for us to gain access to the Tower for the stair climb. After climbing to the 6th level, the PAX opened the door to the top of the Tower. But, just as the Bible states, the tower came crumbling down just after we viewed the beauty of mid-town Carmel from atop the tower. The crumble came by way of a partner race, Logger style down the ramps. We proved the McDonald’s theory that what goes up, must come down. (Don’t worry Khaki, you are too young to know this, but someone can explain it to you). After returning to our ground level, we ventured back through some uncharted territory before returning to our homeland amongst the Veterans. After Recover Recover, some unnamed Pax (Nomad and Maize) mumbled something about the false advertisement that there would be just a little running. The be clear, YHC said we would run less than the previous day, and we did. More than a mile less, in fact.

Maize started a near genius trend of praying for the family of one of the Veterans listed in the bricks. We prayed for strength and were remind that Ephesians 1:19 tells us that construction can sometimes look ugly, but the end result God has in store for us is far more beautiful than we could imagine.

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