Jan 6, 2021

Weather:  27 degrees and calm

7 PAX posted Big EZ:  Beefsteak(Q), Mullet, McStuffins, Ace, Butterfly, Proximity, Springbok

Disclaimer and Core Principles given.  Covid spacing required.

Warm Up:  SSH, Abe Vagotas, Weedpickers, Arm Circles, Short Mosey

PT test:

  • Kettle Bell swings AMRAP 2 min
  • Block curls AMRAP 2 min
  • Zamp Hold for time
  • Goblet squats AMRAP 2 min
  • Overhead Press AMRAP 2 min
  • Farmer Carry 2 blocks for distance
  • Block merkins AMRAP 2 min
  • 8ct man makers AMRAP 2 min

Recover Recover

Moleskin:  Job well done for the 1st PT test at Big EZ.  I think everyone was sufficiently gassed and we ran over time a tad bit. 

TAPS:  For Ace’s brother-in-law’s family after the mother Betty passing away.  For Brickyard, Brickyard’s uncle, and those dealing with COVID.  Continued prayers for Pickle’s uncle.

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