Weather – 30 degrees and NO WIND. A great day to throw the frisbee – just some of us couldn’t catch it.

Weedpickers X 10
Arm Circles X 5 X 2
SSH X 10

13 PAX attended today’s ultimate day. KC, Faceoff, Snooki, Spaceballs, Tulip, Biscuit, Ponzi, Lincoln Log, Chirp Chirp, Cornwallis, Pontoon 19, Khaki, and Clancy (Q)

The Thang:
We threw the frisbee back and forth and one team scored more than the other. Punishment was 10 merkins.

This was a highly anticipated ultimate day. YHC went to bed early, had the alarm set but duty called and was abruptly awakened at 2:30 AM. So, YHC had little to offer during the game, and it showed. Hands were as solid as a Cindy, and legs were as floppy as Stretch Armstrong. The usual PAX were studly with a few surprises along the way. Cornwallis showed Jordan has nothing on him with his jumping ability. Chirp decided clothes were optional even at low temperatures, which gave him mobility that would give a young Micheal Vick a run for his money. Ponzi throws a frisbee as hard as Aroldis Chapman, and Tulip proved his Jerry Rice hands. The surprise of the day was definitely Snooki’s defense. He was on fire! And we even got a glimpse of his face under his winter weather gear today. In the end, Khaki reigned supreme as he took his team to victory (or at least I think, I never keep score). Fewer PAX meant 2.8 miles of running for Khaki. That Cal Ripken-esque stamina dominated the day. Yet, that did not prevent YHC from throwing a few digs at him for his recent bad behavior. We had fun…and I need a nap!

We talked about the upcoming need for sites to have their PT tests planned. And we prayed for our country. We took a great picture by the flags and someone yelled “Go Hounds” which may or may not have been done due to Tulip raising his hands in victory during the picture.

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