8 PAX posted with essentially zero warning of what the beatdown would entail. YHC figured his preblasts have been deterring PAX from posting, so he decided to do the thing he never does…be quiet.

Warm up:

Motivator from 5 (just to get in their heads)

IT (seal clap + overhead clap) x30ic

Squativator from 5


Mosey to basketball court

The Thang:

Rocket Burpees

Lap around court


Mosey to playground

10 Wooly Worms (ab swing exercise)

Bear crawl under Grizzly

R&R x2

Mosey to field

50s (10/40, 20/30, 30/20, 40/10)

Start on bunny hill & run to sidewalk

Merkins/low dolly

Mosey to shelter

Bench press table x10

Lap around shelter

Dips x10

R&R x3

Mosey to hill near start

Feel the Bern

R&R x4

Mosey to wall


LBC with hold x30

LBSC-R with hold x30

LBSC-L with hold x30

Gas pumps with hold & pulse x30

Plank until 0615

Recover x2


Solid work, gents! After almost 4 years of Qs, YHC made it through EVERYTHING he planned for a beatdown. We covered all of the different parts of Brooks School Park & kept things moving. T-Claps to our FNG for keeping up & even passing some of the PAX this morning.


2nd F event at Zamboni’s/via Zoom 8pm Saturday

3rd F service project one week from Saturday (1/16)…HC to Maize if interested

2nd F meetups are back on…HC to Wrigley if you didn’t make the list this month

Until next time,


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