Weather: 32F, overcast, cold breeze

Welcome: Free of charge, open to all men, outdoors rain or shine, peer led, ends in circle of trust

Disclaimer (not professional, me/F3/Zionsville, USA), modify, carry you to your car, ETC.


Side straddle hops x 20 (IC), Weed pickers x 15 (IC), Finkle Swing Kicks x 15 (IC), I’s/Y’s/T’s x5 each (IC)


Longer mosey than usual

10 burpees

11’s (reps total 11):

Merkins on one side, Big boys on the other side, Bear crawl between (about 25 yds). Squats until 6 is in. This one sucked and was interrupted by a fast car in the parking lot which prompted 5 burpees.


Mountain pose, Standing forward bend, Upward salute, Standing forward bend, Upward salute, Downward dog, Cat/Cow, Downward dog, Warrior I Rt, Warrior II Rt, Downward dog, Warrior I Lt, Warrior II Lt, Downward dog, on your 6, Hug knees, Right twist, Hug knees, Left twist, Hug knees, Corpse pose, Sitting pose


Not requested today

Recover, Recover


Save for the burpees and the 11’s, this beatdown focused on active recovery. However, about 3 minutes into the 11’s, YHC realized the level of suck he had brought to the PAX. Unfortunately, the beatdown had already been written down and explained to the PAX and was in progress so there was no way for YHC to stop it. In Gumby, all the PAX took deep breaths and exhaled the suck that was just had in the 11’s. The PAX were also instructed to exhale all the stress, anxiety, fear, anger, and hand release merkins that were experienced in this week. Mumble chatter was ample on the paced long warmup mosey but nearly absent until the COT. Prayers for a friend who lost her father in a family that was experiencing tribulation. Prayers for our children living an interrupted life. Prayers for our country in a time of turmoil that we can come together in unity for the great cause of freedom. Always a pleasure. Aye!

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