January 8th, 2021

21 PAX at the Hill for a block party. 30 degrees, 10 MPH wind, feels like 21 degrees, clear

PAX: Pontoon-19, Nomad, Maize, Khaki, Clancy, Motorboat, Biscuit, State, Dr. Porkchop, Bubble Bath, Spud, Cheeseball, Chirp Chirp, Warm Glow, Snaphook, Wrigley, Jeeves, Fantana, Kitty, Kindergarten Cop, Woolly Dutchman (Q)

Warm-up: Listen to motivational speech from the legend Nick Saban. OYO: SSH, WP, IW, Arm Circles, Plank, stretch

Thang: Split into two teams

Wheel of Fun: complete 5 man makers per PAX, as a team, in the center of the wheel at the parachute. Zamp carry block out to spoke, Complete (50 reps x number of PAX) of the exercise as a team. Farmer carry block back to parachute in center of wheel, 5 man-makers. Around the wheel, rinse and repeat, cut the reps in half on second round.

5 Spokes: Giant Gorilla=Block swings, Sidewalk Chalk=Curls, Princess Scooter=Goblet Squats, Bubble machine=Block Merkins, Ballerina Balance Bar=Overhead press

Mary: block low-plank (push forarms back to tilt block on back edge, up on toes, pushing lower body forward with toes and upper body backwards with elbows)

10 bay city sissors IC with block raised

Recover recover.

Moleskin: What a beautiful morning to celebrate YHC’s oldest 2.0, Mila’s, 5th birthday with some of her favorite things! The wind chill even forced Khaki into long pants (khakis?) today. Got started with some good ole Nick Saban to get us fired up for the natty next week. Some chatter from big 10 folks, didn’t pay much attention to them. Tougher workout than expected, but it was great to hear the teams picking up reps for their brothers, and heard some great leadership and communication happening on the other team as well. My teammates picked up my 6 by keeping track of time, thanks! Forgot to tell the other team to cut the reps in half on second round (oops), so both teams did the full set for block swings on round two. According to Maize, as the study group leader, I am accountable for the group’s PT test scores coming up, and I am confident that we all pushed ourselves and got better today. Great job!

COT: 3rd F channel for upcoming service projects, 2nd F meetups reminder, F3 100 patches given to all PAX who reached 100 posts for 2020, thanks Motorboat! Prayers for our country, all teachers and parents teaching at home, praise and thanks to God for giving us each other to sharpen each other as iron sharpens iron, and especially today for you all making me a better father and spiritual leader of my family. Let’s go shine His light in this darkness!

Thanks for another opportunity to get better! -Woolly

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