7 Pax reported  to Grizzly- Einstein (FNG), Coyote, Bearcat, Jackie Moon, Cosmo, Space balls, Pappy(Q)

31 degrees with a light breeze and dry. 

Into/ disclaimer 

5 principles 

Warm up  

20 ic  SSH 

20 ic imperial walkers 

20 ic weed pickers

10 ic arm circles forward

10 ic arm circles back 

Mosey 400m lap end at BB court


4 corners of Pain (exercises at each corner transition between)

Round 1 (repeat x4) OYO 

25 merkins 

25 squats 

25 shoulder taps 

25 squat imperial walkers 

Lunge walk the side lines 

Bear crawl end lines 

Round 2 (repeat x4) OYO

25 lbc 

25 mountain climbers

25 Calf Raises 

25 Over head claps

25 dips at the benches 

Lunge walk the end lines 

Sprint side lines with a stop at benches for above mentioned dips


50 ic lc Flutter kicks . 

Recover Recover 


Upcoming Rucks and 3rd F projects. Prayers for Cosmos M, all marriages, and our country. God Bless to all!


Great morning to start the weekend. All worked hard and as Coyote said the first two rounds where fun. We reminded him Fun is not one of the F’s in F3. If you even want to see a Bear run, have Spaceball do his speed Bear crawl, renamed the workout The Squirrel Crawl. Welcome HSE Physics teacher, Einstein, great to have you.

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