8 men posted

Maestro lap
Grass Pickers ICx15
Reach Around ICX10
Motivator from 10
Superman’s ICX10
Randy’s ICX10
Hand Release merkins ICX10

Enter south end of shelter house
Exercises laid out on center row of picnic tables
Toss medicine ball with partner (5 tosses each)
10 step ups on bench
5 kettle bell curls each arm
10 step ups on bench
10 dips
5 medicine ball tosses
Out the north end of shelter house
Down stairs
10 derkins
Stair lap
10 irkins
Back in south end of shelter house
Continue until time expired

20 leg lifts OYO
Flutter kicks ICX20
Pickle pointers ICX20

Mumble was light today. Everyone stuck to their wingman leaving little opportunity for crossfire. COT brought out some concerns for creepy neighbors who may or may not be on a watch list. COT also brought out the fact that Boucher may or may not be interested in men. Time will tell. Fun workout. Kind if a grinder and rough on our shoulders.  Always fun to play with toys.
Hope to get back to double digits Wednesday.

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