Weather: 25 and brisk

12 Pax posted: State, Nomad, Spud, Logger, Biscuit, Bubble Bath, Fantana, Pew Pew, Jeeves, wooly Dutchman, motorboat, CheeseBall (Q)


  • F3 not reaponsible
  • CheeseBall not responsible
  • Northview not responsible
  • associations not responsible
  • If you get hurt we will help you get up.

Core principles:

  • Open to all men
  • Always outside
  • Free of charge
  • Peer led
  • Ends in circle of trust

Thang: runners ran, ruckers rucked

Moleskin: wooly Dutchman rolled in around 5:32. He had HC’d to the vet, but the fart sack got the beast of him on the Monday morning. We were glad to have him with us! runners enjoyed themselves I am sure. Their discussion (not sure how they discuss anything when they are moving so fast) included censorship in children’s books among other things (YHC wasn’t there and should have written this sooner than I did). Ruckers had discussions on coupons (not to be confused with cue pawns), jeep tops, Ohio state losing to THE Alabama, and a few other topics. Most were very happy that YHC picked up the Q last night as Motorboat was planning on signing up and have a not-so-fun morning in the lower parking lot for both runners and ruckers. Not sure it is fair to plan a “punishment” beat down when you also plan on leaving early, but then again, if you don’t like it, sign up to Q!

Cot: it’s State’s Birthday today! You made it to 40!

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