Pax: FNG Mike (now EC), Cosmo, Square, Proximity, Cornwallis, Dr. Porkchop – Q

Weather: Cold

Warm up: SSH, Arm circles, Duck walk, over/unders, Porkchop slides

The thang:

6 stations x 2 each

10 sandbag cleans, 20 decline merkins, 20 block swings, 20 skull-crushers, 20 OHP, 20 curls

Slowsy to swings

10 inverted rows IC

10 single leg squats IC (5 each)

10 overhead pulldowns IC

10 inverted rows IC

10 knee slides (feet on swing in high plank, bring knees to chest) IC

Mosey to parking lot

AMRAP (8 min) – 1 big boy sit up, 1 burpee, run an lap around ATM road. Add one rep each round.

Recover recover.

Moleskin: YHC ran into trouble right away when I realized that there were 6 pax and the original plan only worked with 4 or less (good problem to have)… After a little not-so-quick thinking and a rough explanation, we got into it. Using the swings worked well, the knee slides were harder than expected and the favorite among the pax. YHC thinks we’ll be seeing those again. Great to have EC at the pit for a second time. If I remember right, it’s the first pax that’s gotten their name at the pit since the first month. We’re growing! Slowly, but it’s happening.

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