Weather 25

Pax: Bubblebath, Clancy, Motorboat, Snaphook (Q)

Warmo- 15 IC Seal Jacks, 10 IC Nancy Kerrigans L&R, 10 IC Abe Vigodas & Mosey.

Lunge walk through light tunnel, bear crawl up stairs. Mosey to Cake Bake.

Thang: Partner up. Pax 1 exercise while Pax 2 runs circle @ Cake Bake. Cumulative 500 Reps

100 Prisoner Squats

100 Stagger Merkins

100 Side Lunges

100 Plank Jacks

100 Overhead Claps

Winners get Burpees until Runner ups are finished.

Slowsy then Mosey back to Stairs- Crawl Bear down the stairs. Circle up @ Palladium Pax1 does 10 Merkins while others hold plank, then rota around the circle.. x2 rounds. 10x Burpees. Up Straddle Hops 15IC Left and then Right. Mosey around Reflection dry pond, Carioca, Bernie & Wall Sits.

Mary- 20IC LBC’s- 15IC Reverse Crunches- 10IC Snow Angels- 20IC Heel Touches- X’s and O’s (bubbles new favorite). COT- Prayers for Fox family, and Bubble’s uncle/family.

Moleskine: Motorboat was a late addition to The Vet due to a scheduling error at work, his hour one 0% commission did not please him, but it pleased the Q as we were able to partner up w an even #!. Bubble and YHC jumped out to a strong early lead at The CakeBake, however.. Clancy and Motorboat went all Alabama on the Stagger Merkins and eventually claimed the Title of the 1st annual Cake Bake 500 Champs. tremendous chatter and fellowship was enjoyed by all, & Motorboat taught us a Polish word associated w toilet paper that we can say the next time a Q calls out Murder Bunnies. Love you guys- Keep knocking on doors- EH ! Give it away.

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