7 PAX posted in the 28⁰F gloom for the longest warmup ever.


Warm Up:




Weed Pickers

4 Corners 

10 burpees

20 Merkins

30 jump squats

40 SSHs

Mosey to secret space

10 Dry Docks

Bear crawl up hill

9 Toby Maguires

Run down hill

R&R 8-1

Mosey to wall

Wall sit

The Thang:

Lower stretches (ankle openers, calf, groin, hip openers, hamstring, quads)

Over the wall

Upper stretches (triceps, forearms, chest, back, neck)

Over the wall


Bring Sally Up


Intense…yet satisfying. I wanted the PAX to think I was bringing another intense workout, but really my only goal was to properly warm up our bodies before getting a good stretch in. 3rd F volunteer this Saturday. Prayers for Cosmo’s M, Kitty’s cousin’s wife, & my M’s mom who has surgery to remove her gallbladder today.



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