7 Pax at BigEZ: McStuffins, Eno, Butterfly, Cheeseball, Fantana, Spud, and Springbok (Q)
Weather was clear with a slight Indiana Breeze and 40 degrees


  • Warm up
  • 25 ic side straddle hops
  • 25 ic Abe Vigodas
  • 25 ic weed pickers
  • 15 ic Arm circles forward
  • Upper Lot (4 sets total of the following done on every 3rd car lot line)
  • 5 inclined Merkins (Murder bunny inbetween)
  • 5 dips (gave up on murder bunnies, any carry inbetween..)
  • Lower Lot (same as above)
  • 10 goblin squats
  • 10 jumps
  • 5 man makers
  • 10 bench press
  • Mary
  • 20 LBCs
  • 20 Low Dolly
  • 20 High Dolly

Namearama, discussed purpose of head Q and everyone needs to go sign up to Q. Thanks for visiting F3s, you guys ROCK. Special thanks to @McStuffins for hosting several lads for the flag building night. That man can cook a mean chicken wing, he would make a great wife. Closed with Prayer.

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