11 PAX posted this morning in the gloom.  Weather was a bit brisk but pleasurable.

Boucher – QIC


Crabby PO

Cubby Blue



Pew Pew





Warm UP:

Maestro Lap

Moroccan Night club- 10

Grass picker- 10

Motivator from 10

Willie Mayes Hayes

Mosey to Tennis Courts

Thang: Kyger St. Cat House

 Double 4 corners- 9 times across Kyger Street representing our BlackCat 9 lives.

Pax started at one corner of tennis court and performed 1 exercise then ran across Kyger Street, bear walk up first set of steps, and back down the 2nd set of steps.  Pax perform same exercise as station 1 of tennis court then bear walk back up stairs and down the other heading back to tennis courts.  Report to station 1 again to perform set exercise, then to station 2 to complete 2nd exercise.  Run back to steps to go through 1st and 2nd station exercises.  Continued on until all 4 corners are complete at both locations so that on the last corner you will go through all 4 stations of workouts.  

Station 1: 9 Burpees (72 total)

Station 2: 9 No surrenders “serenity now!” (54 total)

Station 3: 9 Jump Squats (36 total)

Station 4: 9 Downward dog merkins (18 total)

Mary at bottom of steps:

LBCs x 10

Freddy Mercury’s x 20


The Q had low expectations for the moral of the Pax’s due to their voiced suspicion of the lack of a winky.  Much to his surprise the Pax’s provided a bountiful supply of compliments to the Q regarding his stature resembling a super hero of sorts and that the large Gatorade G on his shirt made him look like G-man strong enough to jump through a brick wall… or something like that.  Since the Q was buttered up so well he decided to forgo the planned motivator until Jay-Z unusually voiced his enthusiasm for the exercise which resulted in the motivator forcing itself back inside the winky.  The Pax seemed excited for the Cat house exercise until they started to fully understand the extent of the workout which provided the patented Jay-Z groan.  Unfortunately, the group was unable to complete the task of risking their 8th and 9th life byway of the street crossing due to time. Stache’s early departure will not go unnoticed in the records.  All in all it was a successful day of sweat, comradery, and prayer. Thanks be to F3 but ultimately thanks be to God!

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