11 PAX showed out today at The Pit leading F3 Indianapolis in total PAX posted in the gloom (Square, Exploding Cow, Swayzee, Proximity, Cheeseball, Fantana, Spaceballs, Dr. Porkchop, Cornwallis, McStuffins, Khaki-Q)


IC Slow Weedpickers

IC Arm Circles



100 Air Squats

80 Flutter Kicks (2 is 1)

60 Merkins

40 Big Boys

20 Burpees

Mosey to school

Pull up / Merkin combo : Each guys does as many pull-ups as they can do (cap is 10), other PAX are circled up doing same number of merkins as pull ups done

Mosey back to parking lot

Modified catch me if you can with rocks : Partner 1 does 5 curls while P2 does broad jumps, P1 finishes and runs to catch P2, P2 runs back to start and does curls, R&R


10 IC Crunchy Frogs

20 IC LBC’s

10 IC In the Morning / At Night

11 IC Roselita (Q lost count as PAX followed Q’s lead in counting in Spanish and I started laughing)

20 IC LBC’s

1 min low-plank

Recover Recover


What a great showing down at The Pit this morning! Mostly everyone showed up early (probably because body clocks being used to 0530 beatdowns) – Dr. Porkchop showed up just in time (5:59) and was certainly confused at the large number but tried to find answers by talking with Square, who also had no answers. The only answer YHC has is that guys are trying to increase their “Visited AO posts” to be recognized next year in front of everyone… There were some grunts as the PAX at the end of the pull up line quickly discovered how sore they would be by the time it got to their turn but that didn’t stop them from pushing through the pain and busting some out! Great work this morning men!

Always a pleasure to lead! Keep EHing and let’s keep growing!

Khaki out

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