Weather…mid 30’s, clear skies, no wind, beautiful gloom

Eight pax reporting…Nomad, Maize, Logger, Biscuit, Snaphook, Clancy, State, Wrigley (Q)


Core Principles


Warmup Around the Circle

SSH IC x 20

Weedpickers IC x15

Kick with a Twist IC x15

Arm Circles IC x 10 (each way)

Global Warming


Mosey along the Monon to the steps

Up…Grizzcalator (bear crawl up the steps, stopping to do a merkin on each step)

Down…Calf Raises 5 each step

Rinse and Repeat (finish early run through the tunnel and back until everyone is done)

30 hand rail pull-ups

10 decline merkins on the steps

15 hand rail pull-ups

5 decline merkins on the steps

Mosey back to the start

Start at the first light post

20 squats, mosey to the next light post

20 carolina dry docks, mosey to next light post

20 mountain climbers (2-1), mosey to next light post

20 overhead claps, mosey to next light post

20 high knees (2-1), mosey to next light post

20 plank jacks, mosey to next light post

20 lunges (1-1), mosey to next light post

20 pickle pounders, slowsey to the circle for Mary


Low Dolly IC x 20

LBCs IC x 50

High Plank 2 min

American Hammers IC x 20

Low Plank 1 min

Gas Pumps IC x 20

Butterfly Situps IC x 6

Recover Recover

COT, including prayer for a veteran on one of the bricks.

Moleskin: YHC was a little nervous Qing at a still unfamiliar AO for a seasoned group of pax. Proud to report that no burpees were performed. Not even one. Like none. Clancy shared that his dog Wrigley was a bad boy this morning. Nomad got called out by a dog walker for wearing shorts. State is still working on his Al Gore form. Snaphook admitted he designed the new hairy testicle artwork in the Carmel roundabout. Tweeted from Italian Job in South Carolina…“F3 is free of charge, but calling it “free” is a misnomer. It’s an investment of time, sweat, and effort. Everything has a cost, but not everything yields a return. Invest in this and see how much better you can be. It’s worth it. You’re worth it. Your future is worth it.” Aye!

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