Block Party Fun

Weather: 36, light sleet mix

Pax posted: 13

Welcome w/ Core Principles: Free, open to all Men, Peer Lead, outside rain or shine, and end in COT!

Disclaimer: I’m not a professional and not responsible, Church and F3 are not responsible.

Warm up: IC

• 20 SSH

• 10 slow weed pickers

• 10 arm circles

⁃ Lateral Zamp carry around parking lot to the stairs. If a Pax needs a break, we stop and do workout, then continue.

⁃ Total of 2 drops (10 Merkins, 10 dips)

Thang 1: 8ct Man-maker to KB swing with a release!

⁃ Pax will complete 5 (8ct Man-Makers) then carry Cindy down the stairs and complete 10 KB swings with a release (flip the block in air and catch to finish the swing)

⁃ Pax will then increase the quantities by 5 on every circuit!

Thang 2: Farmer Carry and Lateral Zamp Carry

⁃ Farmer Carry roughly 100 meters with one arm, then switch arms for another 100 meters.

⁃ Lateral Zamp carry roughly 50 meters.

Mary: while holding Cindy in the air

• Flutter Kicks

• High Dolly

• Low Dolly

Recover Recover!

Nam-O-Rama & Prayers

COT: Announced the service opportunities for this weekend and discussed the upcoming events. Prayers for Tulip and his M, Faceoff for his new career, and prayers to rid of this pandemic.

Moleskin: It was cold, but these Pax warmed up quickly. We celebrated a year of F3 for YHC. In honor of 1 yr, we did the same workout that YHC first did! There may have been a lot of mumble chatter and a few comments about payback to YHC, but that only got worse when the KB swing with a release was demonstrated! I believe some Pax used the word “stupid” or “dumb” HAHA!

It has been an honor being a part of something so special and has changed YHC life in a good way! YHC is amazed at the strength of this Indianapolis group of men! Let’s keep Q-ing and getting out of bed! Continue to be a HIM! Aye


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