10 Pax posted in slushy 34 degrees –Bubblicious,Wapner, PewPew, Maestro, Daisy, CrabbyPO, Jay-Z, Piper, Boucher, Slit(ter)-QIC

Warm Up:

CAP lap

Arm Circles Forward/Back x15 IC + Arm Stretches OYO

Tempo Squats x15IC + Leg/Calf Stretches OYO

Sprinklers x15 IC

Stretch OYO

Mosey to Shelter House

Thang:Dora Does Bermuda

Dora is recently divorced- back on the market and flying solo so PAX completed typical Dora reps sans partner.

5 Laps around the Bermuda Triangle with the following exercises at each corner:

Shelter House: 20 Merkins (x5 = 100)

Happy Place: 40 Dirty Hook-ups (audible/modify to air squats as needed) (x5= 200)

Bath House: 60 LBCs (x5 = 300)

*Q had Dora counting to “4” at the end of the Bermuda trip but ran out of clock, maybe next time*


Hello Dolly x15 IC, Flutter Kicks x14.5 IC, Recover



Shooweee these short winkies are really adding up. Stereotypical “it looked good on paper” type of beat-down. YHC bit off more than we all could chew attempting to do 200 Dirty Hook ups. As Piper aptly put it: ‘Dirty hook ups used to be easier than this’….. or something to that effect. Audible necessary. Mumble chatter relatively low. Not sure if that was the beat-down (not) talking or various levels of glee and gloom after the PU/iu game. There were rumors of a burpee bet but not all responsible parties were present. Shame. Nice double-digit post to end the week. Keep it up!

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