6 pax attended the party. Pappy, Spaceballs, Einstein, Jackie Moon, Coyote, Kitty (q).

30 degrees, slight drizzle, wet conditions. Welcome. Disclaimer. 5 core principles.


  • Pax asked to pick a side – Purdue or IU. Pax all wisely choose Purdue. In recognition of (8th straight) victory over the Hoosiers last night. Purdue pax performed 12 overhead presses (point differential in win last night). IU pax (would have) performed 12 we’re not worthy’s. Purdue leads the overall record with 123-89 in matches against IU. BTFU.
  • SSH x82 IC (that’s 164 SSH’s for you IU folks that struggle with numbers) for number of posts Q hit in the 1st year with F3.
  • Mosey around restroom building to parking lot

Old Thang: repeat the 1st beatdown that YHC attended. A (modified) version of 2019 IPC week 1. Cones placed at 10 yard intervals. Broad jump 10yds. Perform 10 burpees. Broad jump 10yds. Perform 10 Bonnie Blair’s. Broad jump 10yds. Perform 10 big boi’s. Bear crawl 30yds back to start. Rinse and repeat 4 more times.

New Thang: mosey to shelter. Each pax takes a picnic table for some Tabata. 30 seconds on, 15 seconds rest. Perform picnic table bench press for 30 seconds, followed by Wing Nuts, and finish up with Twinkle Toes for a complete round. Rinse and repeat for total of 5 rounds.

Mary: One Vision, by Queen. Hit song featured in 1986’s blockbuster Iron Eagle. Hold C-sit position throughout song. Perform an American Hammer each time Freddy belts out “one” or “no”. Perform Freddy Mercury’s during ballad and musical interlude.

Count off. Name-o-Rama. COT announcements – PT test at Grizzly this Monday 1/18. 3rd F event this Saturday at 9a, following 7a ruck at Hill and 8a coffeteria. Info on slack or get with Maize or Chirp. Another 3rd F opportunity on 2/20 as well.

Moleskin: Today YHC celebrated 1 year with F3. YHC is blessed to have found this group of men who encourage and support each other to become better husbands, fathers, sons, friends, co-workers and members of our community. Today was a nod to YHCs first post, q’d by Nomad. It sucked, but more importantly it was 45 minutes of encouragement, pushing each other and picking up the 6 (I was the 6). That was evident today as pax continue to encourage and pick each other up. Plus we all smelled pretty good after rolling around in the parking lot where Christmas tree recycling took place, so there’s that. Couldn’t help notice that a certain vocal IU supporting pax was not present today…hmmm. Wrigley – thank you for hanging with me on my first beatdown a year ago and for being a HIM we all continue to look up to. Prayers for those dealing with health issues, and praises for leading us men to this great group. 1 year ago I arrived as a sad clown and left as a kitty (and slightly less of a sad clown – work in progress). Today was a huge honor. Thank you, brothers! Aye!

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