Thang: PAX split up into 4 teams in a ruck race to find coupons (jugs)

22 PAX in attendance for our ruck competition at the Hill

Weather:upper 20s, mild wind, and slickery paths.

Moleskin: PAX counted off by 4s to split up the teams. Team leaders were brought in for a quick meeting on how the competition would go, tips, hints, and what nots. Leaders seemed ready to go and to cut the chit chat so the meeting ended and away the teams went. The Q soon after realized none of the teams were doing the first task on the list but knew leaders would lead how they see fit. Sometimes instructions are interpreted differently and those instructions needed to be clearer. Q trailed a team and gave minimal yet needed hints. Each team except 1 retrieved all 4 of their coupons on their maps, in fact the winning team found a bonus coupon. We did have a team find a PAX along the way so that countsas a point as well. I loved observing the waviness and street smarts some groups had by looking in trash cans, contacting the Q, and helping one another. I also loved viewing from Slack the real time progress. This will be a method I revisit. I feel bad for Khakis team, somewhere there is still out there. I went back and it is not there. Debriefing statements included having maps with other details, concerns of a man dropping off suspicious packages in Carmel round abouts, and sounded like everyone had a good time. I also noted to myself to take out the word “disqualify” from the printed instructions Thanks for opportunity men.

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