8 pax attended the PT Test. Spaceballs, Cheeseball, Wrigley, Herbie, Chirp Chirp, Zoolander, Bearcat, Coyote (q).

28 degrees and breezy, light snow covering. Welcome. Disclaimer. 5 core principles.

*** Warm Up ***

  • SSH IC X25
  • Imperial Walkers IC X15
  • Arm Circles IC X20
  • Weed Pickers IC x15

*** The Thang ***

Head to the Parking lot for Block PT Test.

  1. KB Swings  (AMRAP 2 mins)
  2. Curls  (AMRAP 2 mins)
  3. Zamp Hold (Hold as long as possible)
  4. Goblet Squats  (AMRAP 2 mins)
  5. Overhead Press  (AMRAP 2 mins)
  6. Farmer Carry (2 Block across the parking lot – count spaces)
  7. Block Merkins  (AMRAP 2 mins)
  8. 8 Count Man Makers  (AMRAP 2 mins)

*** Mary ***

  • Low Dollys IC X25
  • Freddy Mercuries IC X20

*** COT ***

Prayer requests for Cheesballs Brother In Law who was in a ski accident over the weekend, Prayers for Bearcats family friend who is in the National Guard and was called to DC for the Inauguration, and Prayers for Chirp Chirp as he tries Therapy for the 1st time. 

*** Moleskin ***

Great job on the PT test today.  The new guys kicked butt on it.  Results will be sent out today.  Some discussion whether Mary should be done on PT Test day or not but Q decided we didn’t want to waste 2 minutes so we did a little until 6:15am.  

MLK Day quote for the day: “Life’s most persistent question is ‘What are you doing for others?”  Thanks to all the F3 HIM’s that embody this everyday.

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