Weather: low 20s and calm

PAX: 7 total: KC (q), Spud, KneeHigh, Marshall, PVC, Khaki, Motorboat

Disclaimer provided and core principles reviewed.

SSH ic x 10
Weedpickers ic x 10
Arm circles 10 each direction
Trunk twisters

It’s the PT test! Set that baseline for 2021! Seven PAX ventured out to Tundra in the early gloom to set their 2021 baselines for Curls, Zamp Hold, Farmer’s Carry, Block Merkins, Overhead Press, and 8-ct Man Makers. Mumble chatter was minimal until an un-timely comment from Motorboat during Block Merkins. This comment may have impacted the overall performance during that exercise, but that remains to be seen. Results will be loaded into the overall Indy file. Contact YHC if you want to see your results.

Thanks to all that came out. Always a pleasure to SYITG!

Kindergarten Cop

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