Weather: cold

Pax: Cornwallis, Square, Kitty, EC, Dr. Porkchop (Q)

Warm up: SSH, Windmill, Arm swings, Finkle swings, imperial walkers

Mosey to wall

Partner up

P1 – Side step ups (50 total)- P2 Bear crawl out, run back

P1 – Balls to the wall shoulder taps (50 total)- P2 Broad jumps out, run back

Big lap to rocks

Alt curls 25 IC

Tricep kickbacks 25 IC

Mosey back to wall

Partner again

50 step ups – Broad jumps

50 Balls to the wall taps – Bear crawl

Mosey to halfway up the hill

Parter up

P1 – HR merkins (100 total) – P2 run up, Lunge walk down

P1 gas pumps (100 total) – P2 run up, crawl bear down

Big lap back to Mary with stop at the stairs


Peter Parkers 15 IC

Low dolly 15 IC

Hip raises 15 IC


Moleskin: Cornwallis said after the workout today that it felt like a classic Porkchop beatdown. I feel honored to have a type, hopefully it’s a type that pax besides me enjoy. Made me reflect on the leadership opportunities that I’ve had because of F3 – even just Qing a workout is probably a unique experience for a 24 year old. Takes a special kind of grown man to let a guy my age tell them what to do. Thankful for all the pax of F3 Indy, especially the pit regulars!

Dr P

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