1-19-21     25* @2mph

x7 State, Snaphook, Wilson, Nomad, Maize, Brickyards Face, DC

Mumblechatter/Disclaimer/Core Principles/Warmup


-Mozy to mini Amphitheater for a Motivator from 10

-Incline Merkins on the Risers x10

-Recon Mosy for a BTTW w Chicken Peckers

-Mosy to stairs for Dips x all of them

-Jaywalk to Tunnel ala Brickyard

-Dirty Hookups in the Tunnel x10  no eye contact…

-Wall Sit with shoulder pretzels

-Wall Sit with cherry pickers

-Mike Tyson Merkins x10

-DeathStar LBC’s on the snowy hill

-Mosy back to near rally point

-PAX planked in a circle as we rotated merkins


-COVID affects on the US and PAX family

-Unrest in the Capital 

-Thankful to be back in action

MOLESKIN  This was my first Q/Post of 2021 and it felt really good to be back from the IR list…….Brickyard’s face showed up from the gloom and the mumblechatter ensued…..to which Snaphook replied ~”Oh Boy, this will be good, Id pay money to see this!” lmao……..My Q was a bit rough but we got a decent workout, I look forward to my next at the Vet and maximizing use of the terrain

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