Low 20s with a 13mph cross wind

Warm up:laps around light poles, lunges, frankensteins, backpedal, shuffle, and a plank count off. I’ve heard a lot of mumble chatter during warm ups from PAX who are chomping at the bit to start the game. Note to self to extend warm up longer next time.

Penalty was set at 10 shoulder taps. 7 on 7 today. Great Ultimate game with only a minor injury to report. Pontoon19 should be good to go for tomorrow
PAX of the day rewarded with stickers went out to Dr. Porkchop and Chirp Chirp. It’s Wednesday my dudes!

COT included prayers for various health concerns to several PAX families, prayers for our country, and those sworn to protect it.

Stay healthy PAX. God bless.

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