Weather: 34

Pax: 22 including 3 FNG’s

Disclaimer and Core Principles

Warm-o SSH 20IC, Abe Vigoda 10IC, Hillbilly Walkers 10 IC, SunGods 10 IC f/r. & Mosey to O.G. Big Lot

Thang; Lotsa Pax – Lined up North-South and spread out. Q calls out various exercises and reps. various modes of transportation after rounds. sprints, slowsy, mosey

10 – Hurpees (hand release burpees)

10 – IC Apolo OhNo’s

20 oyo- Bobby Hurley’s

20 Merkins

15 IC Smurf Jacks

10 Hurpees

20 oyo alt side lunges

10 IC Prisoner Squats

15 Merkins

15 IC Red Bull Smurf Jacks

10 Tony Hawk Burpees

10 Dan Taylor’s 1 Squat/4 lunges= 1

10 Stagger Merkins L and R

15 IC Up Straddle Hops, each leg.

Plank Circle Merkin Wave 3x rounds. Mosey back to flags


20 LBC’s IC

10 ish. X’s and Ohhhhhhh’s

10 WW2 IC

20 Rosalita’s IC

20 Starfish Crunches IC

10 LBC’s IC

Moleskine: 3 FNG’s!!. & It was great to catch up with some Pax I had not seen in a while. YHC appreciated how everyone helped the FNG’s with encouragement and translation. along the way we enjoyed a few rounds of sprints and beefsteak pointed out that “Khaki didn’t win any of them”. Short stick went shirtless for a while in an attempt to intimidate bubblebath. circle plank merkin wave magically transformed – round 1… “Down”…. round 2… “Doooown” round 3 – “er, ugh, goo, bud, wei, ser”. COT- prayers for some family members and friends navigating through health related areas. Appreciate you all so much- lots of laughter today. keep nudging those you are EH’ing. Start thinking of 3rd F ideas for March- Hill pax, run those by Optimus. and come and see us at The Vet soon!! – Snaphook

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