PAX: Dr. Porkchop, Cornwallis, EC, Square, Khaki (Q)


Weed pickers 10 IC

Arm Circles Front & Back 10 IC

Finkle Swings till warm 


Run around the parking lot to lower wall 

Manmaker Burpees (Burpee w/ box jump) 15 OYO 

11’s with Merkins & Diups 

Run to top of parking lot by Lowes

Running exercise 

10 Squats at top of parking lot, run down to lower end 20 calf raises

R&R until 100 Squats and 200 calf raises


10 IC Crunchy Frogs

10 IC LBC’s 

10 IC Gas Pumps

10 IC Crunchy Frogs


Great time being down at The Pit this morning! Did a lot of running which YHC was skeptical about being enough of a beatdown around the third time running down but rounds 7-10 made it very obvious that it was worth it. Y’all need to Q at The Pit – it has soooo many options. Thankful to have able bodies and breath a little heavier this morning! 

Khaki out

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