Weather 28 with a cold breeze







Wapner QIC


SSHs IC x21

Shoulder pretzels IC x21

LBACs IC x21

Wall shoulder stretch

Grass pickers IC x21

Tempo squats IC x21

Plank calf stretch, sit and reach, crossovers, butterflies, scorpions



Start with 20 skull crushers, run to other side and do 1 squat, run back – reduce crushers and increase squats to 1:20 always adding up to 21 – at 10:11 switch to block curls and LBCs

Rings of Fire

Squats x10 and Al Gore with block

Skull crushers x10 and hold block up

Merkins x10 and block plank

Presses x10 and hold block up

Heavy Mary:

Wall sit with block

Block hold out 21 count

Freddie Mercury IC x21

Hello Dolly IC x21

Flutter kicks IC x21



Arrived to discover another emergency 10-29 situation occurred with no bathrooms available. Beware what happens behind the fence at 0520. Only 6 PAX managed to get out of the fartsack as it seems there was fear of the blocks or the cold or both. Jumped right in to the blackjack theme with all exercises going to 21. Definitely some mumblechatter and a little moaning from a PAX not to be named on the announcement of skull crushers galore. Switched it up at the halfway point as 155 skull crushers was clearly enough. It’s been 2 years since the last time blackjack showed up at BlackCat and it may be another 2 years before it returns. Get on the EH this weekend and hope to see more out there on Monday morning.

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