Clear, crisp, 14*F at The Hill

21.5 pax – Khaki, Pickles, Count, Marshall, Good, Kneehigh, Nomad, Jeeves, Bubble Bath, Cheeseball, Snooki, Quick, Clancy, Cosmo, Cornwallis, PVC, Wrigley, Motorboat, Optimus, Tulip, Groupie, Pontoon-19 (Q)

Moleskin – So blessed to share the gloom with a total of 22 pax in frigid temps for a Saturday Ruck. To maximize fellowship and physical efforts, we split into 2 groups to take on the morning. What a treat to engage in fellowship with other pax as we discussed the desires to honor God, serve others, spiritual growth, and the pursuit to improve ourselves. Good, honest and real conversations pouring into one another…love it!

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