Weather: 34 degrees and spitting rain

Pax: DC and Zoolander (q)


Warm up: Arm Circles 12 IC forward and backwards, motivators from 6, weed pickers 12 IC

Beat down: 21: In the shelter do walk out planks[standing go down to a bear crawl then walk hands out to a plank and then reverse] (1) run/jog to the Grizzly on the play ground complete drop squats [squat down, feet shoulder length apart, come up quickly and bring feet together, then back out and down] (20) run back to shelter to complete next round:2 and 19, then 3 and 18, rinse repeat to 20 and 1
Mary:  Starfish Crunch x 12  side plank crunch x 15 each side   Bear stance lateral walks 30 sec


COT- prayers for DC’s dad as he is trying to figure out the next steps. Also the softening of his heart. Also prayers for me and my M as we begin the Dave Ramsey program.

Moleskin: It was a very ambitious 21 Q. Just like a lot of our first legal night out at the bars, it sounded fun paper and was a lot harder in real life. All who participated will be feeling it in the morning! It was great having DC there to push me and keep me motivated. Even though I might not walk in the morning and will probably have Trex arms, I am again reminded about how great the guys of F3 are and in the words of DC “this put me in a great head space.”

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