9 Pax posted at Grizzly in the Per  Winter Strom Gloom, Still and 28 degrees

Spaceballs, Herbie, Bearcat, Joker, Einstein, Wrigley, Cosmo, Coyote, Papp (Q)



5 principles 

Warm up 

20 IC imperial walkers 

20 IC weed pickers 

15 IC wind mills

10 ic forward and backward arm circles 

43 IC ssh (Ask Cosmo why 43) 

Carry Cindy to Basketball court,  


Block 21s 

At each line add 1 rep to each exercise below, carry to next line, rise and repeat until 21. (231 total reps of each exercise will be completed in the end)

·         Curls 

·         Squat thrust

·         Block merkin 

·         Block plan jack 

At line 5, 10, 15, and 20 complete additional squats equal to line.

Recover Recover 

Announcements-  Ruck at Grizzly on Saturday 7 am, Dunkin Donuts at 8

COT- Pray for Cosmos M’s test results; Pray for Jim’s family, Friend of Coyote and Bearcat who pass this weekend of Cancer. “God never promised tomorrow but he did Promise Eternity” -Tony Snow  

Mole Skin- 

Great morning and hard work put in by all PAX. Morning started with a lot of chatter and jokes, but that quickly fade by round 5 into grows and grunts. Q miss calculated the amount of time needed to complete the 21s, so marry was sacrificed to complete the 21s. Threats were made to throw the Q into the creek, so Q decided to walk at the back of the pack over the bridge back to the cars. Great work men. If you weren’t feeling it this morning you should be feeling it by now.  

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