5 PAX at The Vet – Snaphook, Biscuit, Pontoon 19, Wilson, Clancy (Q).

Weather: 30 degree with minimal wind resistance

20 SSH
10 Weed Pickers
OYO Calf Stretch

Light run except for one hard run up a hill. Walked on variable intervals.

During warmups, YHC finally decided to get the attention of our speedster 0530 driver. I know her attention was caught with a SSH that traveled from the warmup area to the street as she passed. All were able to witness the proverbial vehicle nose dive as she had a moment of believing someone was jumping in front of her car. I did say none of us were responsible, didn’t I? We traveled a new route to the South where we were gleefully greeted by a couple hills. Q seemed to forget something after one hill which required a hard run back up a hill. YHC did hear a lot of trash talk from Pontoon 19 about block parties again. I really don’t know why, but he insists on a really hard one this Friday. Wilson joined us for the first time since our interval runs began. He gave a fist bump at the end, so his return is expected. Just as we imagined, the meteorologists were a little off on the timing of this ice/snow storm promised. Although we did learn that Bridges DO ice before the Monon, it was a clear path to build our VO2 max and our heart.

Snaphook shared the desire for more 3rd F opportunities. We praised the work the Lord has done with some of our PAX and prayed for miracles for others. We added a prayer for Mr. White and his family as a thanks for his service to this great Country.

Love you all!

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