7 PAX at The Vet – Cheeseball, Maize, Beater, Wilson, Genie, Bubblebath, Clancy (Q)

Weather: A Heat wave of 33 degrees and some slush to deal with

Disclaimer and Core Principles

Warm-O-Rama –
Weedpickers X 13
Arm Circles X10 X 2
Imperial Walkers X15

50 Merkins
Alligator Merkin extended due to failure to decode
25 Lunges
Bear Crawl Ring of Fire
50 Squats
10 Hand-Release Merkins
15 Box Jumps modified to Broad Jumps due to ice
15 Incline Merkins
15 Decline Merkins
10 Calf Raises Straight IC
10 Calf Raises Outside IC
10 Calf Raises Inside IC

15 Flutter Kicks
15 LBCs
1:30 Low Plank

Well, our speeder must have been getting her car detailed this morning due to the pant wetting from yesterday’s SSH near the front of her car. At 0531 she still had not arrived so YHC got started, As promised there was no running during this beatdown. We did slowzy wherever we moved. PAX revealed each exercise listed on the high-tech cardboard display. PAX worked together to interpret the code listed. Only one extra punishment was had due to an inability to decode. In defense, it was a challenging one. YHC was intimidated by having a couple legends post. Beater and Maize remained supportive with minimal mumblechatter to the future legends present. Maize pulled out an amazing last-minute answer to decode one of the hardest ones. That was good because those calf raises hurt as they were – no further punishment needed. It was a pleasure to have Beater with us. It was a reminder of just how much I missed seeing him. Genie battled through figuring out these exercises as YHC tended to forget to demonstrate on a few. We did open an investigation into some illegal gambling taking place in one family in our community. In the old days, a little bribery kept the investigation from happening…just sayin’. It is proven that movement of your arm after a vaccination does improve the soreness. And, finally….at no time was anyone required to run. This means we all rested up for tomorrow’s posts, wherever we may roam.

COT: Praise for the HIMs praise for Bubble Baths M and her news. Prayers for the rest of our F3 family including Wilson and his mom. Our brick chosen was William Seger.

Recover Recover! Love you all!

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