Tuesday, Jan 26, 2021

8 Pax came: Slider (named today), Good, Zamboni, Bumblebee, Optimus, Faceoff, Snaphook, Snooki (Q).

Weather: wet, slippery but warm 33 degrees.

Welcome and disclaimer given.


  • Motivator from 9
  • Mosey around the parking lot
  • High knee
  • Kick butt
  • Karaoka

Thang 1

  • Mosey to the fishbowl
  • 5 reps of:
    • Incline Merkins 10x
    • Mosey around the roundabout
    • Bobby Hurleys 10x
  • 5 reps of:
    • Decline Merkins 10x
    • Mosey around the roundabout
    • Big boy situps 10x
  • 5 reps of:
    • Pull ups using the rails 10x
    • Mosey around the roundabout
    • American Hammer 10x

Thang 2

  • Dirty hookups IC 10x
  • Wall sit IC 1 min
  • Rocky Balboa IC 10x


  • Mosey back to start
  • Shadow box for 1 minute
  • Recover recover

Moleskin: Q was informed that there was a lot of moseying at his Qs. They were not sure what F3 has created. There was also back and forth on how long a minute really is. Glad to have an FNG who we got to name. And, no, Q didn’t pick name like Snooki 🙂 Looking forward to get to know him more! It was a great day, thank you men!

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