1-27-21  25* @5mph PAXx13

Einstein, Herby, Coyote, FNG Tim VanDyke, Cheeseball, Wolly, Kitty, Wrigley, Cosmo, Commodore, Pappy, Fantana, DC (QIC)



Slow Weed Pickers  x10

Bear Lap


Grizzly Gristle 21 was a rinse and repeat of Monday evening with Zoolander at OwlBear……………with a few modifications…, PAX grabbed a bolder and lined up at the “trees” for the first half of the 21…..Over Head Bolder Swings started at 1 rep, Mosied to sidewalk for 20 Mike Tyson Merkins…..thats a Merkin and a Squat in the same position =1…….Cosmo reminded us that he’s now 54 RESPECT!!… which he  promptly followed by a joke about “boobies”……the toughest part of the 21 was the midway point but PAX pushed through it and is now hopefully dealing with shaky hands and gumby legs……

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