1/28/2021 – Pax = Wrigley, PVC, Marshall, Kneehigh, Motorboat, and Pontoon-19 (Q)

Open to all men – Free – Always outside – Peer lead – COT

Disclaimers – social distance, be safe, be healthy…oh yeah almost forgot – I’m not responsible, you’re not responsible, no one is responsible, including City of Noblesville, Parks & Rec, and associated HOA’s are not responsible.

Warm up –

15 SSH 

10 Arm circles

10 Weed pickers

10 Abe Begota

Tha Thang –

High skip to the Rotunda

10 – overhead claps

10 – tempo squats

10 – incline press

10 – alternating step ups

10 – big boi sit ups – OYO

Mosey around circle

10 – dips

10 – fire hydrants left

10 – fire hydrants right

10 – hand release merkins

10 – 1 minute wall sit

10 – squirming turtles

Mosey around circle

10 – Carolina dry docks

10 – inch worm – high plank then tip toe forward then hop back to plank

10 – gorilla merkins

10 – donkey kicks left

10 – donkey kicks right

10 – pickle pointers

Karaoke left 1 lap

Karaoke right 1 lap

Pax choice – Motorboat chose burpees x10

Mary –

10 – peter parker? Low plank legs up to side

30 second left side plank

30 second right side plank

10 – flutter kicks

10 – heels to heaven

Pax choice – Wrigley chose LBCs x50

Count off

Name o rama

Prayer requests

Picture by the flags

Moleskin –

Clancy may have experienced a feeling to throw a few flags this morning for pax’s chatter. Some kind of hand gesture and talking about a dolphin, and a few other things??? Otherwise, a beautiful morning to work on our form with hopefully a little bit of everything thrown into the mix to make us better.

Challenge –

Reach out to another Pax you haven’t seen in a while to say hello and see how they’re doing. Aye?

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