The Pit

Pax: Square, EC, Woolly Dutchman, Butterfly, Cornwallis (Q)

Core Principles

SSH x 20
IST x 10
Windmill x 10
Weed Picker x 10
Kick with twist x 10


Frisbee Burpees- Complete the pass with the disc or do 3 burpees for each dropped pass. We took two steps farther away for 3 rounds. I believe we did 12 burpees

Mosey to the ramp and lunge walk up the ramp (audible #1. YCH didn’t want to bear crawl)

20 Rocky Balboa’s on the curb

Mosey to Walgreens

Dora 1-2-3 (sort of) with partner. P1 does exercise. P2 runs around Walgreens
100 Dip kicks (dip with a kick)
200 Donkey Kicks (Audible #2) Switched to 100 Donkey kicks and 100 Mtn. Climbers (2 is 1) because DK’s sucked
300 Lunges (2 is 1) (Audible #3) (YHC got bored and they were taking too long) 200 lunges

Mosey to the strip mall

3 laps down the strip mall, up the stairs and back down the far side stairs. (Audible # 4) stairs were “closed”
Lap 1: 25 yard bear crawl
Lap 2: 25 yard Broad Jump
Lap 3: 25 yard inch worm

Mosey back to Target to start Mary (sort of)

Improv exercise: plank walk around the parking lot planter/median.

1 Minute plank hold

Recover Recover

– Great having Butterfly for his virgin Pit appearance. On par for most people who come “down to the city”, Butterfly wasn’t sure how safe it would be at the Pit. SMH! Don’t worry, it’s okay. We live here everyday and do just fine 😉 Glad to have you join us and I’m glad you like our AO and all the options it has. Come back anytime!
-Turns out Square and Butterfly grew up not to far from each other.
-EC had a struggle right out of the gate when he could barely get his gloves on when he realized he grabbed his son’s gloves 🙂 DOH! 🤦‍♂️
-Woolly Dutchman almost lost his legs as a crazy driver with fogged up windshields came flying through the Target parking lot and almost ran over his legs while plank walking! I think she was just as scared as he was after she (or he, couldn’t tell) realized what almost happened.
– Thanks for coming out this morning. Always a joy to lead you fine men! Now go be a HIM today!


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