Weather: 27 degrees, very little wind, some clouds but could at times see the moon and stars.

PAX: Snooki, Heart Throb, Cheeseball, Biscuit, Genie, Fantana, Optimus, Bumble Bee, Nomad, Maize, State, Logger

Disclaimer Given


Classic Warmup was composed of 30 SSH, 15 Imperial Walkers, 10 Windmills, 20 Seal Jacks, and 10 Weedpickers plus a bonus one (not 11, it was 10 + a long 1).

Deconstructed Burpee – We did 20 Groiners at one light post, 20 Mericans at the next light post, 20 Rocket Squats and the 3rd post, and finally 20 Burpees at the 4th light post.

Sprints – The goal was to do a 4 second sprint every 45 seconds. We did 6 rounds of 25ish yd sprints. There was plenty of time to get your breath for an all out sprint.

Cumulative Sets – we paired up to work on cumulative 100 count sets while one person dealt with the hill. The first was backwards run while the other did Carolina Dry Docks. Then bearcrawl while the person did Lunges. And finally a modified crawlbear while the other person did crabcakes.

Moleskin: The initial debate heard by the Q was if Logger did run heavy Qs. While often accused, it was decided (or selectively listened) that Logger wasn’t run heavy but you do get some sprints. There are worst things to be known for.

We kept a lot of the workout in the grass to get a better footing, although it didn’t feel that slick in the parking lot. The sprints brought some good competition, I love seeing guys give it that extra push trying to smoke the person next to them. As the drag racers might say, we’ve got some sleepers. I can tell you that I wouldn’t feel confident trying to steal Optimus’s purse and get away.

Bearcrawl and crawlbear isn’t what you’d call a hit, but Cornwallis is coming so you better train. Had to do some modification, because we were all struggling. State reminded Q of the time, we finished, and headed back for COT.

Thanks Men!

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