Cool 23F with a beautiful wolf full moon.

Pax: Nomad, Fantana, Cheeseball, Genie, Tulip, State, Bubble Bath, Pontoon 19, Dr. Porkchop, Beater, Wooly Dutchman, Spud, and Motorboat (QIC)

Disclaimer: Given

Cheery pickers x 10 IC
Moroccaan Nightclub x 20 IC
Overhead claps x 20 IC
Shoulder pretzel x 10 IC
Trunk Twist x 10 IC
Finkleswings each side
Tempo Squats x 10 IC
8Ct Man Maker x 8 IC

Pax were told to thing of their two favorite exercises. We started off north out of the parking lot and then east to Hazel Dell parkway. From there we moved south to the long drive entrance, up the hill, and around the church. We stopped for exercises along the way. Pax were called on to lead the given exercise including several that had never Q’d before. Exercises included 8ct man makers, merkins, swings, skull crushers, and goblet squats. Some of the time we Zamp carried, others were asymmetrical farmer carries, some were on the back carries, and some of the time was Pax choice. We had some sled push sprints mixed in for fun.

Back near the flags we had some Mary
Ab halos x 30 seconds each direction
frog sit ups x 1 min
side bridge thread the needle x 30 seconds each side

Recover Recover

Moleskin: It was a beautiful morning. YHC had a workout with several thins that he wanted to try out. Reading this week about the leadership changed his plans this morning. There is a confidence that YHC gained after the first time he lead a beatdown and then we he lead his first Q. YHC wanted all men to have that confidence and decided to put some of them on the spot today. There is also a confidence you gain when you lead without prior preparation. Knowing that you can be called upon and immediately do what is needed is a great feeling. YHC hopes that the pax got to feel that this morning. Good mumble chatter this morning and the chance to talk during the beatdown. Continue to be HIMs and continue to give it away. I love you all.


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