10 PAX in attendance on this crisp 20 degree morning

  1. Piper
  2. Crabby Po
  3. Wapner
  4. Shamu
  5. Jay-Z
  6. IM
  7. Boucher
  8. Bubblicious
  9. Slit
  10. Stache (QIC)


  • Maestro Lap
  • Grass Pickers IC x 15
  • Calf Stretches 30 sec
  • Hammy Stretches 30 sec
  • Quad Stretches 30 sec
  • Willy Mays Hays OYO
  • Batwing IC x 10
  • Chest Strech x 2 30 sec
  • Back Stretch x 2 30 sec
  • Arm Stretches OYO


Mosey to the stairs.

  1. Tempo Merkins IC x 10 – decreased tempo with each rep
  2. Stair Suicide

Rinse & Repeat 3x

Mosey back to the flags to begin CAP Lap circuit until time for Mary. 3 exercise stations for each lap.

  1. Block Swings x 12, Block Upright Row x 12
  2. Skaters x 12 (each leg), Carolina Dry Dock x 12
  3. Frogleap Squat Jump 20 yards, Dirty Hookups x 12, Box Jump x 12


  • Heavy Freddy’s IC x 20
  • Heavy Leg Raises IC x 10
  • LBC’s IC x 20
  • Heel Touches IC x 20
  • V-Up Roll-Up’s OYO x 10


Lots of mumble chatter today. Details of the chatter will remain with the flags this morning. Repeats of the joking being had could result in an audit from the F3 noble rulers. All was in good fun, but perhaps the return of our local pastor is in order!

PAX were relieved that the lack of wind seemed to really help keep things warm for the morning. Workout was designed to keep us moving this morning in an attempt to stay warm. Also needed to burn enough calories to justify the binge eating that will go down while snowed in over the weeekend.

Jay-Z mentioned he might need another PAX to come over to measure the depth of the snow at his house this weekend, since his measuring stick is only accurate up to 3 inches. Sadly the Q can’t offer any additional help in this department, nor recommend any PAX that may be able to help.

Great turnout this morning hitting double digits. Hopefully we can see the return of a few more folks next week!

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