19 PAX grabbed their pack for a 27 degree roadside thrill.

PAX: Proximity, Brickyard, Snooki, Tulip, Mark (FNG), Sarge, Snaphook, Spud, Quick, PVC, Pontoon 19, Snitches, Cheeseball, Quickdraw (named today), Bumblebee, Khaki, Biscuit, Nomad, and Bubble Bath (Q).

Disclaimer provided.

5 core principles stated.


2.79 miles covered in our ruck with roadside activities along the path. 
20 Imperial Walkers IC 
20 Mountain Climbers OYO 1:1
20 Merkins IC (surprise ending)
20 Squats IC (long hold on last count)
20 Shoulder Taps OYO 1:1
Backward Hill Climb
5 laps of the stairs
Recover Recover


Plenty of mumblechatter during this roadside adventure. 2 FNG’s were present. Mark made his first appearance to F3 and Qucikdraw was named today. There were talks during the ruck of the challenges of grocery shopping and the anger present in patrons of the grocery store, some sort of mention of getting back with an ex, home projects, and beatdowns from the week. We had multiple opportunities to show off our talents to Carmel traffic this morning with roadside activities. Fortunately or unfortunately, there was very little traffic at 7:00am and 27 degree weather outside. PAX were surprised by the Merkin ending. They may not have been sure if we were going to keep going or if it was the end of the Merkins. Was it planned or did the Q miss the count??? Our path was through a nearby neighborhood and through the Northview campus. Excellent views of the sunrise as we approached The Hill toward the end of the ruck today.

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