7 pax beat the fartsack and grabbed their rucksacks on a frigid 28 degree morning. Pappy, Coyote, Cornwallis, Groupie, Cosmo, Spaceballs, kitty (q). Disclaimer given. Core principles to be stated at ruck destination.

Warm-o-rama: Abe Vigodas ICx10, Hillbilly Walkers ICx15, SSH ICx20. Sack up and head out.

Ruck to hill behind Cornerstone Lutheran Church. Bear crawl up the hill and circle up for Core Principles.

1) FREE – Johnny Cash. Pax perform ring of fire – Big Boi sit-ups holding rucksack on chest. Spaceballs called cadence for entire group on first round, so pax performed a second round. Extra big boi’s? Yes, please.

2) OPEN TO ALL MEN – 8 count man makers using ruck sack as coupon x7 reps.

3) OUTDOORS RAIN OR SHINE (or freezing) – Chilly Jacks ICx15.

4) PEER LED – pax take turns leading leg exercise of their choice. Bonnie Blair’s, prisoner squats, broad jumps, monkey humpers, Al Gore, Squat Imperial Walkers, calf raises.

5) ENDS IN CIRCLE OF TRUST – Circle of Merkins pax take turns calling out single-count reps x3 rounds for 21 merkins.

Sack up and crawl bear back down hill. Resume ruck back to Grizzly. Recover recover! Count off, Name-o-Rama, COT. Head to Dunkin for coffeteria.

Moleskin – Groupie coming in hot just as we were heading out, great to see him! Several “sack” jokes throughout the morning…with Cosmo in attendance pax expected nothing less. First ruck for Coyote – points for most creative ruck weight (family coin jar weighing in around 23lbs). Great discussion and fellowship today. Covered about 2.75 miles plus mini beatdown, plenty to keep us warm. Cornwallis has the next Grizzly ruck Q to cap off TWoC. Prayers for Cosmos M and upcoming medical tests. Praises for this day and for this group of men. Always an honor to lead. AYE!

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