14 Pax showed: Nomad, Logger, State, Khaki, Pew Pew, Spud, Teddy Bear, Warm Glow, Wilson, Fantana, Bubble Bath, Genie, Motorboat, CheeseBall (Q)

Weather: 25 with a strong wind bringing the wind chill to 12

Welcome and Disclaimer:

  • I am not responsible
  • F3 is not responsible
  • Northview Church is not responsible
  • The snow covered ground is not responsible
  • if you get hurt, we will help you

5 Core Principle

  • Always outside
  • Open to all men
  • Always free
  • Peer led
  • Ends in a circle of trust

Thang: Runners ran about 4 miles and ruckers rucked 2.2 miles around The Hill’s parking lot

Runners found some nice paved neighborhoods to run through and got their normal 4 miles in. YHC wanted to try and keep feet warm and dry, so ruckers went up and down the parking lot lanes to get our miles in. Took the rucks off and zamp carried one lane and held the ruck out in front of us during a lane. YHC was taken aback when Motorboat complained, as Motorboat never seems to complain. He then explained that he 65 pounds in his ruck versus our standard 20-30, Modification was needed… Good mumblechatter while PAX got to know one another a little better

COT- Prayers for Bubble Bath, Genie’s and Cheeseball’s M’s, families as they lost their uncle last night to Cancer. PRayers For Cheesball’s friend who is battling alchoholism and will be getting out of the hospital in the next few days to head into rehab. Prayers for Teddy Bears friends as they try to figure out a possible engagement. Thank you to all PAX, you all mean a great deal to ME.

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