Weather: windy 28 degrees

4 Pax: Kitty, Wooly Dutchman, DC, Zoolander (Q)

Disclaimer was given and the workout began

2/1= 60/30= exercise/rest

*Sumo high pulls (Sumo squat down then lifting the block up to your head when you go up)

*Low plank block pulls (hold a low plank w/ block arms length away, pull block and push back with one arm, then repeat with the other arm)

*Decline Merkins (feet on the block)

*Boat hold with overhead press


Repeat 3x’s with a jog around the parking lot between each set.

Mary- Crunchy sea stars 15 IC

Open and close crunches (on your back hands above your head and legs straight. Reach up and bring legs up but first time arms go between legs the next time the arms are on the outside of the legs) 10 IC

Reverse plank leg lifts (crab walk position with back straight and abs tight lift one leg at a time) 20 IC

Moleskin-This was a tough arm workout. Q modified a couple of the rounds with incline block Merkins or block presses. PAX seemed really happy that the first round of Mary exercises involved laying down. DC came out tonight and did his best Michael Scott impressions. There were a lot of “that’s what she said” comments and he also thought I said “butt hold” instead of “boat hold.” Even with DC hanging out in the gutter it was great having Wooly out there with us as he attempting to “Around the AO world” this week, and as always it was great having the Pax with one of the greatest names in F3 Indianapolis…Kitty out there pushing us and grumbling at me as I led the Q!

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