Weather: mid 20’s and brisk

7 Pax posted to Big EZ: Beefsteak(Q), Springbok, Brickyard, Sarge, Beater, Pickles, Ace

Warm-up: ssh, abe vagotas, weed pickers, imperial walkers, hillbilly walkers, low slow squats (hold it then: Moroccan night clubs and overhead claps)

Circle Burp x2

Motivator from 10

The Thang: Each Pax gets an exercise. After each round the exercise shifts to the left. 40 Squats(timer), Merkins, WWI Snow Angels, Burpees, Flutters, Monkey Humpers, and Carolina Dry Docks

Plank Session: high plank, peter parkers, side planks, low plank, skinny jacks

11’s: Dips and Lunges (2=1)

6MOM: LBCs, heel touches, pretzel crunch, low dolly, rosiltas, flutters

Moleskin: It has been noted to YHC to not do high planks when the temperature is this low. All Pax hands were cold after this mishap. Good social distancing was adhered to today. There was at least one respect moment from Brickyard today, though I can’t remember what it was, hahaha #whostherespectnow. Apparently this was the first time we’ve done Monkey Humpers at the Big EZ. How’d I let that happen? Thanks for the opportunity men!

TAPS: Brickyard’s family during this time of loss. For our police officers for protecting and serving us while their worth is under attack. McStuffins, Eno, and all our medical professionals during Covid-19 who are on the front lines.

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