Weather 23 and several inches of snow







Crabby PO


Wapner QIC


SSHs IC x20

Shoulder pretzels IC x20

LBACs IC x20

Hillbilly walkers IC x15

Grass pickers IC x15

Tempo squats IC x15

Plank calf stretch


Mosey to main shelter

Shovel path from road to shelter

One partner does exercises other partner shovels snow from shelter to sh*tter

Merkins x100

Squats x200

Flutter kicks x300



Q underestimated extra time needed to arrive at BlackCat due to poor road conditions and workout started a minute late. Made up for the minute on the back end though to ensure a full 45 minutes so the PAX get their money’s worth. Several inches of wet heavy snow on the ground, so what better than to bring the shovels out and clear some paths for running later in the week. Unclear exactly how many inches of snow as no one was volunteering to do a measurement. Rumor that Jay-Z’s M said that has to be at least 11 inches of snow is unconfirmed at this time. Only made it part of the way through the flutter kicks and no time for Mary, but the PAX did clear the path all the way from the main shelter to the sh*tter. Good to put in some work and see something to show for it at the end, even if the parks department plow could have accomplished the same thing with one guy in about 5 minutes (or 10 minutes from employee not to be named here). Remains to be seen if Boucher is going to bring back the shovels on Wednesday to finish the Bermuda Triangle.

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